San Francisco Landscape and ClimateSan Francisco is a city as well as a port located between the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay. It is a city located in California in United States. Despite the increased population and San Francisco suffering issues of pollution the climate as well as landscape has been equally favorable.

As a person interested to invest, settle or visit it is important to understand the landscape and climate. This will help you to know the best times to visit and the clothing to put on.


San Francisco is a hilly and a square place surrounded by the suburbs of San Mateo, a bay to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. San Francisco has prominent hills including the Nobs Hill where the people have built mansions since the 1870s. They give a clear view of the coast. The hills are therefore, good for people interested in constructing mansions and hotels due to the view.

San Francisco has a bay drowned river valley known as the San Francisco. Due to the bay there are tidelands with high tides of up to four hundred and thirty five square miles. There is constant flow of water in the Pacific Ocean through Golden Gate.


San Francisco experiences all the four major season that is winter, spring, summer and autumn. Winter is rainy, spring is mostly sunny, summer cool and autumn warm. San Francisco is rainy place as well as sunny place. The weather of San Francisco is generally favorable during sunny days with sunshine being experienced in two third of the day. Rainfall is mainly experienced towards the end of the year around November up to April.

During summer, San Francisco has fogy days until midday. As a tourist visiting San Francisco during summer it is important to be aware of this unique characteristic of the San Francisco weather. This is because San Francisco is a city close to the Pacific Ocean which has moist as well as warm air.

San Francisco has a good city lay out for building modern day tall buildings. Despite San Francisco having been known for a number of earthquakes, few other natural calamities have been experienced. One of the major earthquake experienced in San Francisco was that of 1906 which almost turned the whole city into ashes. When constructing a tall in San Francisco reinforce it to avoid incurring in case of any earthquakes or other calamities. Learn more here about places to eat and drink around the chase center when you travel to San Francisco City, California for the first time.

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